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Our extensive and modern fleet and the control of it and the load allow us to guarantee you the best service of refrigerated transport in all Europe.

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In Grupo Llácer y Navarro we do our best to improve everyday, offering you our experience and a great team, which are at your service.


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It is the will of Grupo Llácer y Navarro to always stay at the forefront when it comes to technology in refrigerated transport. Implementing the latest technological innovations allows us to improve even more our services and their quality.

To ensure that everything works perfectly, we have a team of technical experts whose mission is to ensure the optimal functioning of our systems. We have developed a technological system applied both to the fleet management and control, as well as to the facilities and the management of the whole group.

We have the latest fleet location systems (GPS) that allow us to obtain the geographic positioning of the vehicle in real time, kilometres travelled, remaining time until destination, etc…

Additionally, these technological advances allow the remote management of the refrigeration equipment and its thermographic control, thus guaranteeing, since it is our main objective, the proper condition of the goods during the whole journey.


The strength of a great group at your service


Grupo Llácer y Navarro has four complementary companies that allow us to offer you a comprehensive logistics transport service. In addition, we offer you over 40 years of professional experience in refrigerated transport.

Working with Grupo Llácer y Navarro is counting on a fleet of trucks and trailers with more than 1000 vehicles that travel throughout Europe. In addition, our fleet of trucks is constantly renewed with the latest technology.

Our fleet has been increasing progressively since 1974, when we started with just two trucks and it has made possible that the sales volume of the four companies of the group increases accordingly.

Thanks to this mobile infrastructure, a million and a half tons of goods are transported in a year, travelling over 130 million kilometres annually.

In ourtrustworthinessYou can rely

The quality of the processes and the experience of our staff in Grupo Llácer y Navarro ensures the service quality that our clients deserve. We strive to identify the needs of our clients, so that we can anticipate to the market demands, and we undertake to increase your satisfaction as our relationship grows.

We deliver reliability, transparency and the ability to adapt and react. That is why our clients keep trusting us year after year, with high satisfactory results.

In Grupo Llácer y Navarro we follow the high quality standards of the refrigerated land transport and logistics in a series of processes that configure the DNA of our daily work: punctuality of delivery, preservation of the good condition of the cargo, quickness in the communications and incident resolutions, compliance with the regulations in force in all the activity areas and, above all, the transparency in the communications with our clients.


Maximum safety is beneficial for everyone


Achieving the maximum safety ratios both on the road and in our workshops and storehouses is the highest priority of Grupo Llácer y Navarro. That is why we have a set of actions and protocols to follow with regard to this.

The constant safety training for our drivers, through which they are given instructions for a responsible driving is essential to guarantee the safety of them, of the cargo that they are transporting and of the rest of the drivers. Our commitment towards road safety makes the drivers of Grupo Llácer y Navarro commit themselves to follow a series of driving rules which ensure maximum safety.

Among the main criteria when choosing the trucks for our fleet, the new trucks must provide the best equipment with regard to safety. Additionally, the workshop of Grupo Llácer y Navarro performs the maintenance of the vehicles of the company, controlling the condition of the fleet, thus providing an immediate solution to any incident.

In our company we make many efforts to analyse and evaluate the routes that our fleet take throughout all the European countries, so that our trucks always travel through the safest places, thus avoiding many risky ones.